15 March 2024

Baking, Planting and Creating

This week the children made chocolate muffins. The children had to count cups of flour, sugar and cocoa powder, they then had to mix them altogether.  Milk, eggs and oil were then whisked together and added to the dry ingredients. The children then had to whisk all the ingredients together and make sure there were no lumps left. The mixture was then carefully spooned into muffin cases by the children, ready to go into the oven. The nursery smelt so good while they were cooking. When the muffins were cooked they were taken out of the oven to cool. The children took their muffin home to share with their family, I hope you enjoyed them.

This week, we have been planting seeds. The children have had a selection of different vegetable seeds to plant. They had the opportunity to add soil to the pots, make a hole with their finger for the seed, add the seed and then cover it with more soil. When this was done the children watered their seeds. They have also learnt how to grow a bean in a transparent bag. We have chosen this method so the children can see the process of germination before we plant it in the ground. The children have learnt that they need to water their seeds each day to make them grow.

The children have been learning how to use a ruler this week. An adult demonstrated how to hold the ruler and then run the pen along the top to get a straight line. All the children had an opportunity to have a turn, this is a very tricky thing to learn but fun trying. The children enjoyed doing this and did very well.  After drawing their line, they  did some of their own mark making. Well done children you produced a brilliant piece of art work for us to put up.

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Published on 15th March, 2024

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