02 December 2022

As the days get colder!

The mud kitchen became a mud swamp this week as boots and overalls were donned for some serious “squelching” and “jump sinking!” As the cold weather really begins, the children are sometimes more inclined to experiment with mud over water…but with the right clothing to protect us we are free to explore.   Sharing amounts of mud between muffin trays and vessels of different capacities builds strength, mathematical skills and strengthens communication skills as we play with and alongside our friends.

Children discussed floating and sinking in group time and put their predictions to the test, we were all surprised to see which fruit from our bowl sank and which floated. This group time activity was then carried on during the children’s free play, both inside and outside.

The children practised their wrapping skills throughout the week. Nothing was safe from the eager wrappers; from empty boxes, to pumpkins, to the children themselves. Once wrapped of course, copious amounts of decorations were in order…

Another busy week at Thornton Heath Nursery!

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Published on 2nd December, 2022

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