05 October 2023

An international celebration!

Yesterday we held our annual “International Day” which celebrates the wonderful diversity of the families that attend the nursery. Children were invited to come to nursery wearing clothes traditionally from their family’s home country or to wear colours depicting their country’s flag. The recognition of the different nationalities in our THNS family didn’t stop there. At 4pm children and their families returned to the nursery bringing with them delicious dishes from around the world. The nursery kitchen was absolutely laden with food with dishes such as Jamaican jerk chicken with rice ‘n’ peas, Polish cheesy doughnuts, spicy Somalian rice and meat, Indonesian corn and carrot fritters, Pakistani biryani, Romanian eggplant salad and Ghanaian Tilapia fish. We were even treated to sweet delights such as Persian biscuits, Romanian chocolate cake and a Jamaican tipsy rum cake. Families and friends sat in the sunshine listening to music from around the world, children made necklaces, designed Mendhi patterns, squashed and squeezed playdough in to divas and had their faces painted with their country’s flag. New connections and friendships were formed with conversations flowing in many languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian and English. It was very rewarding to see so many people from different backgrounds and nationalities come together as one community with the children at the centre of the celebrations. A huge thank you to all of you that were able to join us, you made the event a huge success.

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Published on 5th October, 2023

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