06 October 2023

All Hands to the Pump

Indoors this week autumnal collages were being made, sunflower seeds were being tweezered and then scattered, pasta was poured and crunched  and conkers were sorted into size and then shape groups.

Rainbow children ate their sweet potatoes, cucumber and the very last of our courgettes… which had not only managed to hide from the little human harvesters but the little snail ones too…despite having grown to marrow proportions!

A tyre pumping session became a bubble machine extravaganza with children cooperating and coordinating efforts beautifully to ensure both ends of the pump were working in unison. Each pump made different quantities, sizes and shapes of bubbles…not to mention reflecting all the colours of the rainbow.

Our small climbing course made an appearance towards the end of the week, giving the children a challenge to compliment our tree house, big climbing frames and walls.

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Published on 6th October, 2023

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