13 May 2022

A whole lot of confusion!

This week started with confusion… our garden was full of fruit and vegetables and we had lost track of where things were! Luckily, the children managed to identify the plants and made signs to make sure we don’t forget again. As part of our sign making, we drew sunflowers, carrots, tomatoes, “red hot” chillies and beans. The children observed the fruit and vegetables to make sure their drawings were accurate. Many of our children also had a go at writing the names of the fruit and vegetables, before making the signs for the garden.

Our letter and sound of the week was “m!” Found in monkey, map and most important of all mum!

Now our seedlings are outside, the hard work has only just begun.  Snail watch is ongoing, the rain on Wednesday meant we had bucket loads of snails to observe and then release as far away from our sun flowers as possible! Some beautiful beetles have also visited our garden, our more confident children handled the beetles, which in turn inspired many more children to take a closer look at the “pretty blue beetles” who were “shining (like) treasure!”  We normally put creatures back where we found them, but in our busy garden it was important to make sure that we put them in our flower beds to keep them safe from little feet.

As always, things were equally busy inside, from our usual weekly bread making to mark making on gigantic sheets of paper.

Sunflower plants were being measured in one room, whilst in another colourful rainbows were being created in “squeezy, yucky” cornflour!

There has been lots of talk about a super-fast train in Japan called the bullet train….so next week, we may see a network of trains zooming through our Nursery

We shall also be learning about a famous nurse called Florence Nightingale and how she helped save many people. Could her clean and careful ways still help us today? We will be learning about the many healthcare workers of today who work to keep us safe and healthy.

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Published on 13th May, 2022

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