20 January 2023

A chilly week!

As the cold snap set in, the children of Thornton Heath were not worried. Our indoors provision was a little busier than usual, but the children were still eager to wrap up and get out exploring the outside as always. Each morning, the children were ice hunting up and down the garden; checking the fire pit, the log pile and especially the mud kitchen for hidden supplies of crispy, crunchy ice. We noticed some ice was as clear as the glass in the windows, other patches of ice held mud, stones and unfortunate worms! We tested the strength of the ice, dropping it from different heights to see what would happen; Are some types of ice stronger than others? What difference does shape make? What about colour?

The engineers of the future were busy designing and constructing their own aeroplanes this week thanks to a gift of building supplies from Great Granny Gigi and the Champion Timber Yard in New Malden. With a little support, our youngest friends joined wood and other materials successfully in the workshop, with our elder children setting an example of safety and clever workmanship.

Next week, the children have requested flatbread and “power shake” making… so the kitchen and fire pit are set to be super busy!

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Published on 20th January, 2023

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