28 June 2024

3 Cheers For The Mini Olympics!

This week the children stayed cool in the summer heat with Maria’s river, water jets and paddling pools. Transporting water, filling and emptying containers, creating flowing rivers and connecting pipes, all form valuable experience in size and capacity, wonderful exercise for fine motor muscles and great fun with friends.  A truly cross curricular activity.

After the heat of the week, we welcomed a gentle breeze for Thornton Heath’s hotly anticipated mini Olympics.  This meant a chance for the parents and carers to not only see their children in action, but to get involved themselves.  From the assault course to the climbing wall, the children were pushing boundaries as always; developing skill, resilience and sportsmanship. The parents were impressed as the children moved from station to station and followed instructions; ensuring a safe, fair and fun time was had by all!


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Published on 28th June, 2024

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