08 March 2024

This week we celebrated our first germination! The mixed lettuce seeds and radishes have germinated… stand by for more developments next week!

Hearts were stencilled and handprints  made, to be preserved for posterity and to make something lovely for our lovely mums and carers!

World book day meant that the Nursery was full of Tigers, Spidermen, Mermen, Dinosaurs and Princesses…there was even a Kangaroo! Parents joined us for storytelling and reading from our selection of core books and traditional tales.

Throughout the week, the great pizza debates, surveys and votes have been cause for much mark making, discussion, counting and recording of amounts.

A Peperoni Pizza Party is a big phonics opportunity! With some children developing their early writing skills and others focusing on listening to the alliterative sounds!

Few children were happy with the idea of a “red hot chilli” pizza. Cheese and pepperoni were the clear favourites with mobile survey takers questioning and keeping a record of answers…

Come Thursday, group time saw dough being made; bubble bread dough which was left to rise (as many children in Thornton Heath will attest to) for one day and one night…ready for our pizza parties on Friday!

Friday saw teams of pizza makers forming and topping their sourdough pizzas with deft skill; developing fine motor skills, measuring ingredients and of course speaking, listening to ideas and instructions….and having lots of messy fun!

Then, it was feast time!

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Published on 8th March, 2024

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