11 November 2022

Getting creative!

This week the children of Thornton Heath Nursery have been as busy as always.

The bakery continued, with children measuring ingredients and mixing their dough.

The creative area was a hive of activity with ink, paint and a selection printing equipment all within independent access for the children to explore. There were also some fine examples of independent mark making.

As the temperature dropped slightly, the children have favoured play and work in the mud kitchen over the water area. So, it was boots on and spades out as the children moved the mud to where it needed to be!

During the week Mandy was kind enough to bring some special fruit for some of the children to try for the first time.  The pomegranate was described in many different ways, from being, “Like lots of crystals,” to, “Purple jelly with seed bits!”   Many of the children enjoyed the fruit…especially since they know the importance of being a “Rainbow Child!”

On Friday, coach Debbie introduced the children to rugby with tries and conversions galore. We then met inside and watched some highlights of the England ladies’ victories during the Rugby World Cup.

Next week, preparations for the festive season begin!

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Published on 11th November, 2022

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