31 January 2022

Explosive eruptions!

This week the nursery has been a volcanic hive of activity!  Our book of the week was “Volcanoes” from the Usborne Beginners Series.  During our baking sessions, we have been adding yeast to make bubbles in our dough and the children were fascinated to learn that bubbles of gas also make Volcanoes erupt!  Looking at a world map, we located Iceland and watched footage of the volcanoes of Iceland erupting.  We have made volcano collages, models and paintings and we used vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to erupt our own model of a volcano in the garden.  We will be having more bubbly fun next week, observing the gas escaping from fizzy drinks when a mint is added…. check next week for photos!

This weekend is the RSPB’s Big Bird watch. We shall be bird watching throughout next week. We shall record which birds we see using a tally. In preparation, we have made some bird feeders using fat and seeds.  The children measured out the ingredients using cups and carefully stirred and packed the seeds into pots, ready to be hung for the birds to feed.

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Published on 31st January, 2022

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