17 September 2021

Oliver’s Vegetables

This week has been a vegetable extravaganza! The children have not only been eating chopped, roasted, boiled and chipped vegetables…. they have been peeling and chopping them for themselves!

Doing these jobs develops fine motor skills; hand-eye coordination and strengthening hands. We have had fun using vegetables and their pigments to paint, draw and even change the colour of a pair of knickers! Lots of tasting, touching and talking about vegetables means we have had a very productive week indeed. Next week we shall be reading “Walking Through the Jungle” by Debbie Harter, learning about the different places animals live and how we can take care of animals and the world around us!… This weekend please ask your child to help with the recycling and talk through what it means to recycle.

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Published on 17th September, 2021

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