23 November 2020

Delightful Diwali divas and rainbow rangoli!

We have concluded our Diwali celebrations this week. We made divas using clay. We rolled piece of clay in to a ball and then squashed, squeezed and pinched it in to the shape of our divas. We checked that a tea light candle would fit in the diva before letting the clay dry. We have carefully painted the dried diva with our favourite colours. We learnt a diva song to remind us about why divas are so significant during Diwali.

I’m a little Diva small and bright,

A little candle with a flickering light,

On Diwali evening see me light,

Rama and Sita home tonight.

(Sang to “I’m a little teapot”)

Rangoli patterns are passed from generation to generation. The rangoli is often created outside the front door of the home using coloured rice, coloured sand, quartz powder or flower petals. It is thought to bring good luck. We created rangoli patterns in our outdoor learning space and on the pathways around the nursery.

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Published on 23rd November, 2020

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