Hello from the THNS staff

Dear THNS children and families,

We are all missing you very much during this time and we have been thinking about you all every day.

We hope that you are all keeping safe and well. We thought you would like to see what activities we have been doing once we have finished our school work!

We have seen some great photos of children keeping busy at home so please keep sending these in for us: keepintouch@THNS.org , we will be sharing some of these photo’s on our website so that you can see what your friends have been doing.

We hope you are enjoying the activities that we have been adding to the website in partnership with Pegasus Academy Trust.

Most importantly we hope that you’re all enjoying spending some quality time with your family, learning some new skills, playing games, doing jigsaws … and behaving for your parents!

We wanted you to know that we are thinking of you and we hope to see you soon.

Stay safe everybody.

The THNS staff team

Wayne has been fixing his bike so that it is safe to ride. He had some help from his dog Diego but Diego wouldn’t sit still to have his photograph taken.

Karen has been planting carrots and peas in little pots, when they have started to grow she is going to plant them in her garden. What do you think she will cook with them?

Jenette has been in the sun mowing her lawn. The grass was so long it filled three bags! She forgot to put her sun hat on but she did remember to use sun tan cream to protect her skin.

Maria has been listening to the birds singing in the trees. If she can see the bird she looks it up in her special book to identify which type of bird it is, this is called bird watching or ornithology. Wow, that’s a tricky word to say!

Maria has been playing chess with her son. It is a very tricky game to play as you have to remember how all the different pieces are allowed to move. I wonder who won – check mate!

Charlotte has been reading a special book all about how to keep a positive mindset when life gets tricky. What a great book to be reading during lockdown Charlotte, perhaps you could share some of the “top tips” to staying positive.

Paris has been exercising in her garden. We think she is training to be a gymnast in the next Olympic games. Look at how high her feet are from the ground – wow!

Karen has been carefully watering the flowers in her new garden because we haven’t had enough rain for them to grow in to strong plants. How big do you think they will be by the time we return to school?

Abbie has been “growing” caterpillars from tiny, tiny caterpillar eggs. Can you see them? Soon they will turn in to a chrysalis or build a cocoon. Eventually they will break free but they won’t be a caterpillar any more, do you know what they will be?

Laura has been catching up on her paperwork for university and baking chocolate cake. It looks delicious!

Nadia has been reading the book Dear Zoo with her son. He’s not even a year old yet and he already knows how to open the flaps to look for the animals in the story. Do you think he can make the animal noises too?

Karolina has been making dinosaur fossils with her son. You can see that the dinosaurs are all different shapes and sizes. Which is your favourite dinosaur?

Carly has finished all her school work and is having a well deserved rest. I wonder what book she is reading, it looks like it has a lot of pages!-

Helen has been working hard giving her house a spring clean. Don’t her cupboards look shiny, just like new!

Caroline has been enjoying some scooter fun in the glorious sunshine with her two daughters. I wonder if they had a race?

We miss you all very much and we hope to see you again soon. Look after yourselves and your families. Love from The THNS team