Understanding the world

Understanding the world at Thornton Heath Nursery School involves:

  • Providing a range of experiences to foster children’s curiosity
  • Support children to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding which will help them to make sense of the world around them including: exploring and investigating their surroundings
  • Building an understanding of time and place which could mean learning about such terms as a long time ago, and knowing about the local environment for example how I get to school, where the local shops are and the importance of caring for the environment
  • Developing an understanding and respect for different faiths and cultures
  • Learning about the needs of living things through planting and growing fruit and vegetables, observing seasonal changes, incubating duck or chicken eggs and observing the metamorphosis of caterpillars to butterflies
  • Opportunities for the children to regularly cook which provides a focus for them to observe the changes which take place when ingredients are mixed together, heated or cooled, reinforces hygiene and safety and raises the children’s awareness of healthy foods and eating
  • Learning about information communication technology such as programming a simple robotic toy, using a CD player and printing and down-loading information from a computer
  • Developing an understanding of planning, designing and building