Parent Feedback

Please click here for an overview of our THNS Parent Questionnaire Feedback 2018. Many thanks to all those families who contributed and shared your ideas of how we can make THNS even better!

“THNS is a lovely place. My child has really developed and learnt a lot of new things and had amazing experiences. The staff are willing to help you if you have any problems. I really recommend THNS to give your child a bright future.”

“I am really happy with my child being at THNS. The staff are really organised and polite. I would recommend the Nursery to anyone.”

“D is always excited to tell us what he has done daily… thank you to all the staff for making D’s first ever experience of separation from ourselves an exciting, fun, un-scary and positive one. None of the nurseries that we visited (out of 20!) came close to the friendliness of what we have found at THNS.”

“We have seen A go from strength to strength such as his phonics, counting of numbers, reading and understanding. The staff have really helped A and also us as his parents.”

“E has really improved and she comes home every day and tells us what she’s learnt in nursery. She loves going to nursery and when she wakes up in the morning, the first word that she says is ‘Nursery!’. She has really changed so much, thanks to you all.” 

“C loves THNS so much that she misses it at the weekends. As well as play and social interaction, she has learnt a lot and has developed her confidence. She always wants to recreate activities from THNS at home. I feel that next year her transition to reception will be much easier thanks to her time spent at THNS.”

“We are really happy with Thornton Heath Nursery. We feel that W is very safe in the Nursery. Well done to the staff.”

“After A’s first day at nursery we were amazed when he came home and started playing with his train set independently. This was because he had been shown how to do it at nursery.”

“C is very happy and her development has grown. The nursery demonstrates good manners and is a positive environment. The staff have helped her to develop in many areas in a caring, professional and supportive way.”

“B has settled in well and she loves attending THNS. She has achieved all her developmental milestones and I’m very happy with the keyworkers’ input. I am extremely happy to all that’s been done for her so far and look forward to the next review.”

“D’s learning has progressed. His keyworker works with him a lot and always looks after him. I am very happy with how D is educated at THNS.”

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